G&G Partners with its “ventilation pipes” division is dedicated to pvc high quality and convenient flexible pipes production. This is possible thanks to the experience of highly qualified and specialized personnel that operates in this area since more than thirty years. The material choice, the use of the simple “Easy Joint” junction system and the flexibility of the employed materials, have allowed G&G product to become key for many big companies working all across the world in the ventilation pipes sector. Its high endurance and resistance to chemical products and to the most adverse working and weather conditions, allow this product to be employed in many different projects. The fabric used with different finishing and coating, still very smooth on the internal side, allows an excellent air flow, limiting thanks to the specific “Easy Joint” connections, pressure loss in correspondence to the junctions. From Iceland to the United Arab Emirates, thanks to the different range of fabric and to the various flame resistance, our flexible pipes are used in many projects, even in extreme thermic conditions.

Our completely automated production, monitored by specialized technicians, allows us to produce more than 500 m/h of flexible pipes with extremely reduced production and delivery timings, even in cases of specific diameters. All our range is compliant with DIN 75200 and realized according to SIA 196/98 normative and BS 6164/2011 standards.

G&G Partners is a Company approved and certified in compliance with ISO9001, ISO 1090 and ISO 14001 standards.


Certificates and Awards

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 9001:2015