• Standard line: G&G 600 g/m² – G&G 650 g/m² – G&G 850 g/m²
  • Antistatic line: G&G 650AA g/m² – G&G 850AA g/m².

The whole range is in accordance with DIN 75200, or equivalent classes according to European and International standards. Standard size range: diameter from 300 to 3200 mm with all intermediate sizes. Lenghts standard 25/50/100 meters. The fabrics used for the production of ventilation tubes are the result of a careful study of the technical department, experienced, in collaboration with leading textile producers. The result is a complete range of products suitable for all proposed ventilation with high performance in terms of resistance to pressure and highly resistant to chemicals, abrasions and lacerations. All products maintenance free. The innovative connection system “System Easy Joint”: It ‘s a patented junction, tested successfully by our customers and characterized by:

  • Very low pressure drop
  • Installation easy and intuitive
  • Absence of metal parts
  • Robustness, reusability and resistant in the construction sites (debris, dust, etc.).

In addition to the “Easy Joint” junction system, the pipes can be realized with a Velcro joint or zippers of different sizes upon request.

The suspension rib positioned every 50 cm, realized through an automated system as well, allows a safe and rapid suspension, thanks to the steel ribs and to the available range of hooks needed for hanging. The latter can even be custom-tailored according to the needs of the construction site and in cooperation with our technical office.